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Monday, March 24, 2014

2014 Annual Wildflower Weekend (AWW) Dates & Location Set

The Kansas Native Plant Society will be holding its 36th Annual Wildflower Weekend (AWW) in Pratt, KS on September 19-21, 2014. We will visit natural areas in Pratt County and the Red Hills of Barber and/or Comanche County.

Anyone who has been to the AWW in the past knows it is the highlight of the year for those who love native plants and enjoy being around people with the same passion.

Never been to an AWW? See what it's all about by viewing the 2013 AWW Gallery.

Details will be posted as they progress for the 2014 AWW.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

2014 Kansas Wildflower of the Year: Blue-eyed Grass Announced


Each year a different wildflower is selected. We then honor and promote it throughout the year. The purpose of selecting a Wildflower of the Year is to increase public awareness of our native Kansas plants.

Current Wildflower of the Year

The 2014 Wildflower of the Year is Blue-eyed Grass

Criteria for Selection

  1. Must be a plant native to Kansas
  2. May be common or rare
  3. Need not be of horticultural interest and this may be a plus
  4. May be selected for emphasis on habitat
  5. Should increase public awareness of our native Kansas plants

Past Wildflowers

Learn more about each species and how to grow them with these species accounts.

Suggest Next Wildflower

What do you want the next "Wildflower of the Year" to be? Contact Us

2014 Kansas Native Plant Society Brochure Now Available

About the Brochure

Every year KNPS prints & distributes our annual brochure. It is updated with timely information such as upcoming events and the current wildflower of the year. Membership information is also included.

Current Brochure

Download the 2014 KNPS Brochure (PDF). The brochure was added on March 10, 2014.

Brochure Distribution

We distribute it to over 400 organizations. Some of the types of organizations that are sent the brochure include:
  • Leaders of KNPS Membership Regions
  • Select Libraries
  • Convention & Visitor Offices
  • Museums
  • Nature Centers
  • National Wildlife Refuges & National Park entities
  • Non-profit Nature organizations
  • State Parks
  • Conservation Districts
  • Extension Offices

Request Brochures

If you would like brochures sent to you to be placed for public access, please contact us with your name, organization name, mailing address and number of brochures needed (25 is a recommended).

Monday, March 3, 2014

February Website Updates

You may be interested to know that the following website updates occurred last month. 
·        22 events added in February (Mar 1)
·        Central Kansas Pocket Guides added (Feb 25)
·        Red Hills Pocket Guide added (Feb 24)
·        Winter Board Meeting Minutes added (Feb 12)
·        Committees updated (Feb 12)

Don’t forget to check out changes to our home page as well: Kansas Native Plant Society